Featuring an area Artist, known for his many murals, paintings, and sculptures. His love of children and his desire to cultivate their own interest in art has lead to the following services:

Premier Face Painting: With my experience working on board the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines I have learned to paint people of all ages. I do the most enchanted princessís with make-up, crystals, jewels and a world of glitter. I do all sorts of superheroes to Hollywood special effects. I do more than just face painting; I adapt an image to suit the particular face, to produce a one of a kind appearance. I have hosted many themed parties like: Sports (Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and Sixers), Pirate, Jungle, Princess, a Hero party or Good vs. Evil or a Masquerade Balls and Clown parties. Encouraging everyone to come dressed for the party creates a unique atmosphere and a wonderful photographic opportunity!

Some responses I have received:

“He is truly an artist”

“Caring, patient and talented”

“Our costume party was so easy for everyone to get involved

with you painting their faces.”

“You are entertaining and talented”

“I’ve never seen work like this before”